Retrato das bibliotecas alemãs

Para quem quer ficar a conhecer melhor a realidade das bibliotecas alemãs aqui fica este link para o site do Goethe-Institut onde é feita uma breve apresentação/caracterização de vários tipos de bibliotecas.
In Germany, there are more than 10 000 public libraries and 4000 academic and research libraries. Decentralisation is having a marked effect on the libraries system – unlike in many other countries, there is no libraries law in Germany, and certainly no central steering by a state or private institution. This situation has arisen for historical reasons, as the responsibility for cultural matters, academic life and art, as well as for education, is mainly the prerogative of the Länder.
In this dossier, we are presenting portraits – in no particular order – of some of Germany’s most interesting and innovative libraries.
Foto: Goethe-Institut

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