Do School Libraries Need Books?

Na sequência de um notícia publicada pelo Boston Globe em Setembro de 2009, a edição online do New York Times do dia 10 de Fevereiro, relança o debate em torno de uma questão polémica: Será que as bibliotecas escolares ainda necessitam de livros?

Keeping traditional school libraries up to date is costly, with the constant need to acquire new books and to find space to store them. Yet for all that trouble, students roam the stacks less and less because they find it so much more efficient to work online. One school, Cushing Academy, made news last fall when it announced that it would give away most of its 20,000 books and transform its library into a digital center.
(NYT, 10. Feb. 2010)

Opiniões de 5 especialistas ajudam a perceber os prós e contras desta decisão!

Algumas frases interessantes:

It is immaterial to us whether students use print or electronic forms to read Chaucer and Shakespeare."

Walking the stacks can be like getting a glimpse of a Web site’s source code."

Libraries need to hold on to things that work well even as they keep up with new technologies."

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