Tal como a mca também recebi por e-mail a oferta desta bibliochaise.

Para além de mensagem sobre a possível utilidade deste equipamento para um bibliotecário ou numa biblioteca, chegou-me também um texto sobre a bibliochaise:

"The bibliochaise is a one-stop shop for all your books, at least five linear meters worth of books. This fascinating armchair made by Nobody & Co [products] out of Italy is geared for those who like to be “immersed in deep reading.”

Hmmmm… I do like to immerse myself and I think this is a very unique piece of thing, however, I’m not sure how it would rate on the comfort meter. Let’s see:

Bibliochaise Comfort Meter Test 2006:

  • Back Support: Good padding, possibly not enough height
  • Arm Support: Decent, not much in the way of wiggle room
  • Leg Support: Non-existent
  • Neck Rest: Non-existent
  • Elbow Padding for Resting Arms: Non-existent
  • Long-Lasting Comfort: Not going to win any awards
  • All-Around Comfort: Not chair of the year

Well, folks, the results of the Bibliochaise Comfort Meter Test 2006 are in and it doesn’t look good. The final results indicate that however visually interesting and with quick access to your favorite books, this chair will not suffice in comfortability or sustained seating."

Fui também presenteado com mais uns modelos na mesma linha...

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